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The inside of the Bright Clean Bowled store which has their logo at the front of a bench


Clean Bowled was established in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tom, Doug and partners had a vision for a healthy food bowl business that would create ‘healthy bowls for healthy souls’. Having worked together previously at the Bright Brewery, Tom and Doug decided to partner up to establish Clean Bowled.


The business launched and was tremendously successful within the local area of Bright, Victoria. Expressions of interest began to roll in from people that were interested in seeing the Clean Bowled brand expand into other locations across Victoria. After contemplating the options available, Tom and Doug decided to explore franchising as a growth option to help deliver more healthy bowls to healthy souls in areas outside of Bright, all whilst allowing others to have the opportunity of establishing a successful business that provided healthy take away food for people. Thus, the Clean Bowled franchise was born in 2022.

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